Our challenge: an absolutely delicious and best-selling patisserie!

No matter what your requirements are; we will take up the challenge. Because there’s nothing we like doing more than working with you to develop the most beautiful and incredible products.

Appropriate for your consumer

You and your customer are the focal point in the development of our products. We listen keenly to the demands from the market. Are you looking for a better product to have with the coffee, a luxurious product for a festive occasion or perhaps bite to eat in between? Who is your consumer and user and what needs does he or she have? It is exactly these questions that are key in our development of our products designed to meet your consumer’s requirements. Fully customised to meet all your needs.

Van Dijk Banket

Traditionally baked

Developing products on a small scale, then rolling these out on a large scale, without forgetting the traditional aspect. That’s what we enjoy doing the most at Van Dijk. And the result is visible in the end product.

Van Dijk Banket

Correct shelf layout, proposition, price and margin

Patisserie products need to be tasty but in terms of a business model they also need to be economically palatable. At ‘Van Dijk Banket’, we have built-up decades of experience in the market. This is how we are able to envisage and work out an effective shelving arrangement with you, where we obviously touch on factors such as taste, but in which the right proposition, price and margin also play a leading role.

Van Dijk Banket

How we develop your product

  1. We work with you to create a clear vision on how the shelving needs to be set up and we give the needs of your consumers a primary place of importance in this.
  2. Drawing up a concept through visualisation
  3. Presentation of a prototype
  4. Optimising taste
  5. Developing a well-thought out packaging concept
  6. Testing at consumer level
Van Dijk Banket
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