Our mini-muffins Worth three gold medals for quality!

Becoming the Muffin Master of Europe. This is Van Dijk Bakery’s aspiration. Our goal got a significant boost as we won, no less than three(!) gold medals for our mini-muffins, based on our product’s quality. This is fabulous recognition for our family business, which has used traditional baking methods for generations, to produce quality patisserie products on a large-scale, for our customers to enjoy.

Beloning voor vernieuwing en innovatie

The highest possible scores In taste, smell, look, composition and packaging

Our lemon-flavoured mini-muffins, as well as our chocolate-filled mini-muffins and chocolate-pieces mini-muffins, received the highest possible rating on all components from DLG's independent and prestigious food testing centre in Germany. In terms of taste, smell, appearance, composition and packaging, our products were judged to be the best by the test laboratories for the agricultural and food industry.

Tangible proof of quality

"This is truly the best prize we can win," says Van Dijk Bakery Director, Gijsbert van Dijk. "In recent years, we have invested heavily in quality. These three gold medals confirm that, with our close-knit team of employees, we provide many supermarket chains at home and abroad with truly first-class products. It's wonderful that we're now receiving tangible proof for our hard work."

Tastbaar bewijs van kwaliteit

DLG is an authority in product testing. Internationally renowned recognition

DLG, German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft) was established in 1885 and rapidly developed into an international authority in the field of product testing. Over the past few decades, DLG has focused on awarding annual medals to further optimise the quality of producers in the food industry.

Remuneration for modernisation and innovation

The National Accreditation System of Germany, DAkkS, ensures the integrity of the award process. Gijsbert van Dijk says, "This is another reason why this prize is so appealing internationally. We are, therefore, pleased to be able to provide our mini-muffins with the golden quality seal on its packaging, for a full year. This offers new opportunities and perspectives on the renewed and innovative path we have embarked upon: becoming the Muffin Master of Europe".

Beloning voor vernieuwing en innovatie
"Richly filled, beautifully decorated and infinite taste variations”

Mini, medium, luxury and breakfast Discover our unique muffin-module

We want to realise our ambition through our unique product concept: offering a muffin to suit every target group at any moment of the day. "Our module not only consists of the award-winning minis, it also includes the medium and luxury muffins. All of them are richly filled, beautifully decorated and come in endless taste variations. We even supply breakfast muffins for a powerful start to the day. With three gold medals around our necks, we are ready to expand our position in Europe".

Mini, medium, luxe en ontbijt

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