A cake that’s a true masterpiece made by our Dutch master bakers!

‘Baking is a true art’, a well-known saying by Herman van Dijk. We believe in it. A real Van Dijk is not just a cake or cookie, it is a little masterpiece each and every time. It is made by our Dutch master bakers, they have a passion for high-quality patisserie. You won’t just come across these passionate lovers of patisserie in our production or test bakery, you’ll find them throughout our commercial department too!

Van Dijk Banket

Pure and honest!

That means that the types of patisserie produced by us are both delicious and distinctive. This is why we have spent lots of time finding the best ingredients and developing high-quality, advanced manufacturing processes. Our aim is to restrict our use of ingredients to those that are natural and healthy and which contain a minimum of additives. For example, the only chocolate types used by us are those that are accompanied by UTZ certification guaranteeing the use of sustainable farming methods, this in combination with free-range eggs and RSPO certified palm oil. So that means tasty, while being entirely sustainable!

Van Dijk Banket


When it comes to patisserie, you would like a nice surprise. After all, patisserie creates a little festive occasion every day! Turning the ordinary into something special, that is exactly what we enjoy doing the most!

Van Dijk Banket

It’s in the genes!

An entrepreneurial family of bakers and that’s the way it has been for four generations. Craftsmanship is key at Van Dijk, but let’s not forget about the continuing search for renewal and innovation. In addition, there is no challenge we refuse to take up and we are dedicated to making patisserie that everyone can enjoy. This is something we have always promised, for many generations already, each and every day anew. Whatever your wish is, it is our desire to make it happen!

Van Dijk Banket
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