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Our products

All of our products have one important thing in common: each and every one of them is a masterpiece. Our bakers work according to traditional baking methods, only in large-scale variations thereof. Van Dijk continues to come up with new surprises by using the very best natural ingredients in combination with innovative recipes!

This is the way we make your product unique

Our products are developed and baked by our own in-house confectioners. As Dutch master bakers they pay careful attention to every facet of your patisserie products. From basic method of preparation to tasty topping and packaging material. All with one goal; creating the perfect types of patisserie.

  • Basis
  • Shape & Size
  • Filling
  • Topping
  • Packaging


Which particular ingredient will make the difference, will it be full cream butter, delicious chocolate with UTZ certification (produced through sustainable farming) or real marzipan?

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Shape & Size

What shape and size do you have in mind, is it round, star-shaped, small or on the contrary… jumbo-sized?

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It is the taste that determines the end result, products come to life with a fruit or a cream filling!

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A topping brings the taste to life; patisserie becomes authentic patisserie…

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Beautiful patisserie deserves to be beautifully packaged, in foil, blister pack or drum.

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